Grunge date stylings

Grunge style is super popular right now. I've put below a hairstyle that you can wear with each outfit. The art of grunge is being comfortable. It start in 80's and became the iconic style it is today in the 90's. So, lets help you get ready for your date. 
___to find out where these clothes are from check them out on polyvore here:

outfit 1: (formal date)
Pair a sassy lace skater dress with a dark blazer. This is smart and edgy. Pair it with a killer peep toe boot. Then wear a choker to finish the grunge 90's vibe look. You could add black tights for warmth if you feel chilly. You want to look glamorous here but, with distressed, relaxed attitude.  
Hairstyle idea:
You can try a messy bun. You might think it's super casual however, adding flower borates kick up to smart evenings from daytime style.

outfit 2: (chill dinner/movie date)
This look is for dates that are more relaxed. Try a pinafore dress or dungarees. The dark or distressed ones fit the grunge look better. A patterned top works great underneath. Could be anything from floral, stripes or even graphic images. It depends on how girly grunge you wish to be. I'd not wear a necklace with this look as they can easily get hidden under the pinafore as the date goes on. So, wear a statement pair of earrings. I picked a tassel pair but, you can switch them up. Then if it's not too warm add a khaki jacket. Khaki is super grunge. As for footwear go with platforms. Sandals if it's warm or platform sneakers if cooler.
Hairstyle idea:

You can try a wavy hairstyle. Relaxed beach waves are a bit more special than plain down. Curl the hair with curling tongs. This adds volume and a messy volume screaming grunge.

outfit 3: (cold weather date)
Here you want to dress for the cold weather and still look great. Pair some boyfriend cut jeans with a knit top. Knitwear that is tighter is both warm and flattering. For jewlery try a choker scarf necklace. It's ideal to add sparkle but is warm too. A beanie hat is typical of the grunge style. A lot of heat escapes from the head so hats are sure to keep you toasty. For footwear chunky heel boots are brilliant. The tall heeled ones are very edgy and are dressier than lower ones. For more warmth a parka coat ends the outfit. The one in this outfit has leather like sleeves adding to the edgy vibe.
Hairstyle idea:
Try braiding your fringe/bangs or front section of hair. It will fit under the beanie well. Also it stops hat hair happening with your fring. It looks decorative when you take your hat off if you go inside. Trick is to make it flush with your hair line and tuck behind your ear. It can be normal braid or french plait. Whatever you feel more comfortable with. 

outfit 4: (for active date)
This outfit is for those who are not just sitting for a date but, being adventurous. Layer up a plaid shirt with a dark one. Cropped or detailed it's totally what you feel like. If you feel like being flirty, a crop top is a good pick. Add some shorts with some detailed lace tights for feminine distressed touch. A long pendant breaks up the plain colour. A crystal one or any punky styled one that shows your hardcore side works for this style. As for warmth wear a dark biker or leather jacket. Finally footwear a comfy pair of doc martins is best. Then you can be active such as going for a hike or cycling. 
Hairstyle idea:
A ponytail is very practical for an active date. For a more sassy style make it messy, curl it and don't be neat with it. It will keep your grunge distressed feel flowing from head to toe. You can add personality with the hair tie you use. This style is great for stopping your hair get in your face and annoying you during the date. Don't want to have anything extra to worry about, right?

Hope this helps you figure out the best look for your date.
 Good luck, hope your dates go well.

Stephanie x


  1. sweetie thx for these fashion ideas for my date im glad that you could find my style and really showcase the best outfits for me i love all of them!!


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