Ordinary items turned extraordinary.

Upcycling is a great source of creativity. It's perfect for making your home unique. Plus you can save a huge amount of money not buying brand new home items.
Near where I work is this cafe where everything is something unexpected. (not really the food/drink but the decor).

First thing that caught my eye was this lampshade.
You look up and see a ceiling light that seems really average. Then on second glance, you see it's actually a binder/folder.

Old stationery/ office supplies can decorate interior spaces. It's turning something ordinary into something extraordinary.

This lampshade looks as if two binders/folders were used. Then welded or glued with strong supporting glue.

Imagine the lamps you could style with your own office supplies if you thought outside the box?

A simple idea here.
On the table of this cafe was a flower vase. One recycling a bottle. The quant shape of this bottle makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

This idea isn't very new. However, it shows recycling can be made pretty and useful.

All you have to do is find a beautiful bottle. Then clean it out and place flowers into it. A glass bottle is more sturdy than plastic. Will not fall over if it's a sturdy material.

You could try coloured glass bottles or a cluster of different sized ones.

The world's most novel bowl ever was on the counter where drinks are served. They used it for lemons and limes for special teas and water.

I have never seen a bowl like it. The bowl part is half a globe. With the stand a stack of old books.
The look is totally vintage. Totally quirky.
Ok it is difficult to find a globe worthy of dismantling. Easy to locate old books though.

For anyone interested in geography or travel, this piece is very fitting. You can get a sense of history too using an old fashioned globe.
It's the joy of upcycling having the outcome tell a story.

These items make me wonder what I could find in charity shop etc...to turn into epic upcycle project.

-Stephanie x


  1. Aye its Bunnayyyy, I love upcycling. A lot of the things in my backyard are upcycled.

  2. It's a great way to get unique items nobody else has.


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