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Make the most out of people you know (free clothes)

Sometimes it pays to know more people to get clothes. Instead of always going to thrift shops or looking at sales you can get free clothes.
Here's how I got free red crop trousers: My mum's boss brought some old clothes to work for people to take for free. These were his wife's. This lady has a clear out as she's a shopaholic.   So, my mum rummaged through them. She realized they were a majority of small sizes. I'm lucky enough to be that small. Childlike me hehe. 
What my mum picked out for me was a 3 items. A lace pink jacket, some straight cut jeans and the red trousers I'm wearing in the photo.  (I'll talk about the other items in future posts so, stay tuned).

 Here is a photo of the trousers I paid zero for. They are comfortable. They are cargo pants but 3 quarter length.

Originally they came from a UK shop called 'Next'.
 That means they are not designer but, does that even matter?

The red shade is a dark pinky colour. Makes it not very easy…

ugly argyle for modern?

Argyle in my opinion is the most ugliest thing to ever come about fashion. I hate it so badly but not everyone has the same feelings as me.

For instance here is a tip for thrift shopping before you even do so!
 So I got an argyle cardigan and it's from my aunt but I hate it and I'm going to donate it if I can't find a use or make it modern.
Argyle used to be so popular from around 2002-2007 but you can still find it in the back of closets most of the time. This is why I chose to analyze the situation of the cardigan closely and figure whether I can still savor it or not. How can I make this fit the current trends?
 If you think about it for a moment you can save money. If you are unable to make argyle sweater modern that is.

Alright so argyle is one of those really annoying patterns. To me anyway.  It's diamond shapes stick out so boldly and usually there are a few colors to work with. .
 How ugly can this be?

I mean honesty argyle can't really go with anything it&…

New definition of walking in my shoes

Hey all,

I've found fabulous shoes in a charity shop. They're black creepers.

The old saying of 'don't judge me before you walk in my shoes' ...that really speaks true here.
Buying 2nd hand you're literally doing that. Walking in someone else's shoes.

Now these shoes took my attention not only for the low price of £4 but, the great look.
They're of the grunge style. I'm trying to break away from being girly.
I really look younger than my years. I aim to try to look my age. I look 16 or so but I'm really 24... forever needing ID.

With shoes you've got to check the quality inside and out. A bit of cleaning is required at times.

Here's a bit about the style of shoes:
World War 2 gave birth to desert boots with thick soles. The thick soled crepe boots were worn in North African deserts. The soles were excellent for sandy terrain. After the war ex-soldiers continued to wear these boots.  Shoe designers took inspiration and the 'brothel cre…

Keep Priorities First when thrift Shopping

Hey, I'm so happy to blog here. New blogger on here talking of thrift shopping. On with my post:There is an art to thrift shopping. Its enjoyable when you are focused on a goal. For example, notice your surroundings and keep in mind the things desired for your next purchase. I always find it better to remind myself of everything I need so I don't never go overboard with my expenses. That's the thing about thrift shopping though is you have to keep your priorities first before you gather and start to hoard everything.

As you can see I went to my local thrift shop to just scope out a pair of new footwear, specifically a pair of flats in a solid neutral. That's because I note that I already got plenty of boots and different sized heels. What I did right there is think about what I needed most and what I already have in my wardrobe. 

<<<notice the variety of shoes at my thrift store.

You should make sure to dig around in bins and hidden areas around your thrift shop …

Nifty Thrifting: The ins and outs of bargain hunting

Thrift shopping is great for getting a bargain. Here are some tips to help you make the most of thrift shopping and looking great.

If you are on a budget write down what you need most to avoid splashing the cash. Keep an organized focus of your shopping.

The item you buy doesn't have to be in trend. If you love the item buy it. The art of thrifting is getting brilliant pieces that are different from brand new. Look for quirky pieces that fit your individual style. Dare to be different. 

Don't worry if it's out of fashion as long as you love the item and it suites you. They are vintage mostly anyway and you'll most likely never see another person in what you buy from thrift stores.

I don't mean buy lots of items everyday but, go on a fashion treasure hunt. Thrift stores put different items out all the time so, hunt for the gems. 

Checking the label is a good ide…

Blagging freebies at carboot sales

How I paid nothing and walked away with additions to my wardrobe: (not stealing)

This was several years ago now. Yet I still remember it. Back when I was doing a carboot sale to raise money for a summer holiday. I was down sizing the huge family house to move into a seaside flat. That's where I found items to sell. I wish I had photos of the event.
However, picture this. A large empty field with cars in rows. They have boots/trunk open with tables of stalls in front of each car. These stalls selling everything from clothes, kids toys to antiques.

Near the end of the day around packing up time, this girl was going round trying to get rid of these bags. Sweet little envelope style bags of many colours. Simply going round trying to off load them. When she approached my stall, I half expected they were going to be tatty. I also expected her to want a cheap price for them. But, no they were totally good condition and best of all FREE!

Risk of free:
 Although the girls stall had a variet…

Neat trick to save money shopping

Hey reader.
 I've found out that it's cheaper to buy clothes outside of season. It's a great trick to save mega bucks. You will have to search around a lot more and not worry about being bang on trend next season.

What buying outside of season means 'you purchase an item not typically worn in that season. Basically buying for future months ahead at discount price.'

You can get anything from shoes to jumpers this way. A large expense saved is footwear. Boots for example can be super expensive compared to other shoes. Around the start of Spring end of Winter is great for finding discounts on winter wear. You have to be dedicated for real bargain hunting. So, it's worth spending extra time checking each shop.

I'm often annoyed shopping you can't find swimwear in winter other than in sports shops. Yes, people go swimming in winter. Indoor pools are a thing. Things like this you have to watch out for. You've got to be weary you can't find everything y…