ugly argyle for modern?

Argyle in my opinion is the most ugliest thing to ever come about fashion. I hate it so badly but not everyone has the same feelings as me.

For instance here is a tip for thrift shopping before you even do so!
 So I got an argyle cardigan and it's from my aunt but I hate it and I'm going to donate it if I can't find a use or make it modern.
Argyle used to be so popular from around 2002-2007 but you can still find it in the back of closets most of the time. This is why I chose to analyze the situation of the cardigan closely and figure whether I can still savor it or not. How can I make this fit the current trends?
 If you think about it for a moment you can save money. If you are unable to make argyle sweater modern that is.

My cardigan to donate.

Alright so argyle is one of those really annoying patterns. To me anyway.  It's diamond shapes stick out so boldly and usually there are a few colors to work with. .
 How ugly can this be?

I mean honesty argyle can't really go with anything it's like this chunky gross shape on your shirt that nobody can miss seeing. its terrible!! eek aaah. Only time I justify wearing it is playing golf. But, why's that pattern the fashion of golf and older men?

Before I got rid of the cardigan. I made a quick outfit style. I thought argyle quickly ratched out each of my outfits. It's not my style and never was but that's why I'm getting rid of it. No offence to you if it's your style.  I laid out an outfit to wear that the style could go with. It helped me see how much of what I had wouldn't be right for it.


I styled the cardigan with a blue denim jacket. I added black pants as they go with everything.
The black pumps go great as they're chic. The cardigan is heavily patterned so I thought only plain clothes would work.
Not shown in this photo but you can wear the cardigan over a t-shirt/vest top.
It's a bold piece to layer up. Not too much goes with it. I gave it my best but, I got no ideas for this ugly item. If you like retro style this cardigan could fit your style more than mine.

Celebs Paris Hilton &  Kylie Bunberry wearing argyle sweaters

Now if I had the green argyle sweater like Paris Hilton (pic above) then I would know how to style it better. I hate the pink and green on mine. The colors do not compliment at all.

 I would style the same way Paris has it but with a black blazer, bulky necklace, and black combat boots with my sunglasses and leather bag. It's why the cardigan one I got doesn't fit my closet of clothes. Really not my style. It could be someone else's.
That's why donating it is a great idea. Someone else uses my old items. Also, if you give to a charity shop you're helping a great charity.
Hope you realize just because it's free you do not need to keep it gathering dust in your closet. Donate it to help someone else.

-Missy x


  1. I had probably three when I was in middle school aha, it was not a pretty sight. I agree, the pattern is so bold that it's difficult to style. This post was really helpful! I might dig through my closet and find my Argyle sweaters to restyle now! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. It's a difficult one to style argyle. Glad we can inspire you to make out most out of your clothing.

    2. glad i could help you on this!! lemme know if you got anymore requests


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