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Best clothing find I've ever had.

I got this coat for only £3. Yeah I know it's a bargain. One I couldn't believe the price tag. It was once from Topshop. A brand I know well and is a great high street shop.
Seeing this coat a uk size 6 that's rare to find, I snapped it up. (US size 2, yeah I'm tiny)
Now you're wondering where I found such a bargain.
At a car boot sale.

It seems to be super smart and cozy. I decided to wear it one Christmas period outing to London.
The fact it's black adds to the smartness but the front buttons equally appear chic too.

The fact it came from a car boot sale doesn't put me off at all. It's second hand but, you can tell the quality is great. Knowing the shop it came from helps guarantee you have a good purchase. Please don't get put off going to a car boot sale. It's a lot of searching and walking around different stalls.  However, amongst the tat there really are some gems to be found.

Usually most of the clothing is children's styles. If you…

Short dungarees craze

This trend of short dungarees is an 80's comeback. You couldn't watch tv back then without seeing people wearing this hardwearing clothing piece. 
The short dungarees are great spring/summer clothing. 
The super casual trend can be worked layered up with ease. Whatever your style is, be it vintage, sporty or grunge, you're bound to be able to add dungarees in your wardrobe.
In the 80's there was the long dungarees shortly followed by the more popular today 90's short dungarees. This piece of clothing also goes by Overalls in America. 

The photos above show how people today wear dungarees. Can you see how versatile they are?
Above are some 80's style of the dungarees. Sure in the 80's most people wore the long version. They became shorter in the 90s. The longer style has a super casual vibe. The first time dungarees became a 'fashion' item, rather than workmens clothing was in the late 60s early 70s.
In 2006, the Oxford English Dictionary added an entry t…

Sturdy Moroccan Sandals

Morocco (located in Northern Africa) is the melting pot of culture and ethnicity. With so many cultures and traditions coming together, it's amazing to see how people there still use traditional trades when crafting their products. Being the breadbasket of the surrounding countries in Europe and Asia, it's neat to see everything from vintage to modern being crafted. Then sold to people all over the world.
The sandals at the left are sturdy, handmade, naturally tanned leather footwear that can be worn for most any occasion.
I received these wonderful sandals from my brother-in-law and for three years, the condition is impeccable and the wearing doesn't run out as fast as they fade. I ask for these all the time because I adore wearing these in the summer time. And let me tell you, they last! They are really strong and can withhold for any amount of given time, mine lasting for three summers at the most.
My favourite part of these are the small details marked within the strap…

Grunge date stylings

Grunge style is super popular right now. I've put below a hairstyle that you can wear with each outfit. The art of grunge is being comfortable. It start in 80's and became the iconic style it is today in the 90's. So, lets help you get ready for your date.  ___to find out where these clothes are from check them out on polyvore here:
outfit 1: (formal date) Pair a sassy lace skater dress with a dark blazer. This is smart and edgy. Pair it with a killer peep toe boot. Then wear a choker to finish the grunge 90's vibe look. You could add black tights for warmth if you feel chilly. You want to look glamorous here but, with distressed, relaxed attitude.   Hairstyle idea:
You can try a messy bun. You might think it's super casual however, adding flower borates kick up to smart evenings from daytime style.

outfit 2: (chill dinner/movie date)
This look is for dates that are more relaxed. Try a pinafore dress or…

Going blonder- hair dye virgin

I decided to have a go at dying my hair. I was a hair dye virgin. I was nervous initially yes.
After asking for hair dye recomendations from my facebook friends.... xxl live hair dye came up a lot.
I went with this product. It was not easy to use as first thought.

I wanted to take away my dirty blonde. Becoming a brighter more radiant blonde shade.
After a bit of issue mixing the ingredients, I did a test on front of my hair. Seemed to go ok.

Apprehensive I began dying my hair. Covering my hair with the squeezy bottle applicator.
The gloves make me feel like a doctor. Actually they were huge on me and felt tacky.

Overall it was going to plan. Thus far alright.
Left it on per instructions and the waiting.
This was where the nerves began to kick in.
Do I leave it longer, how long left? All those watch checkings. But I got through it.

Finally I washed my hair over the bath.
I was definitely anxious of my hairs outcome.
Ended rather to my amaze so soft.
The conditioner with the product g…

How to Wear Distressed Denim

OUTFIT 1 Wear some tights with a cute distressed denim skirt and top with a knit beanie for added warmth on those chilly days. Accessorize with some trendy glasses and a watch.
This look is meant to be comfortable but stylish. Pair with a layered necklace for that extra cute touch.

Playsuits are wonderful in every way, so why not give that distressed pair a little bling? If the sweater idea is too much for you, wear this playsuit with a striped long sleeve top underneath, that's all the rage right now!

This outfit is not only fun but comfortable. Wear it with a pearl necklace and a few midi rings to add perfection to this stunning and starlit look.
It's pretty obvious that distressed denim will never fade out of the fashion world as it's been around for a while and keeps popping back up as a trend in many different forms. We'll see what the next distressed denim look appears to be. Can't wait to find out!
-Kaitlyn x

What It's Like Having Short Hair

Out of most everything I've done in my life, deciding to cut my hair has been pretty much the best thing for me. Not only has it boosted my confidence, but it has really shown me that being feminine and being yourself doesn't just stick to one agenda.
I've had plenty of people criticize me over my short cut before the shears even crossed over and snapped a few strands. The choice to cut my hair was all in my favour and to benefit myself, and it totally did beyond my expectations.
The simple basis of this whole ordeal is that you have to make the decision yourself to be yourself. What more is there to note? Nothing. That's right! Nothing is left to note because there is no one to control you but yourself and your actions.

Before I get into more, let me stop myself and discuss the hair. A Pixie Cut as most refer to it as, is the ideal feminine haircut, because it showcases slender and true beauty. Most wouldn't agree. Most would argue short hair is for the male pres…

How to wear white jeans

DR Martin boots or ankle boots, with a stripe top same colour stripe as boots. Pair it will a long coat and statement necklace.

A flowing cami/top in a light shade. This is a very feminine look. Pair with sandals in a neutral tone. You can wear a short jacket, biker, denim, crepe , blazer... then a matching short necklace that is similar colour to the top to tie it all together.

A blouse, this one is a light blue. But any colour that isn't white works.
Add heel sandals or any heels to be chic. Although flats would be equally great. Than match earring to your necklace colour. For a toned down look only wear drop earrings. (less can be more). 

Pair your jeans with a thin knit top. Then put on a long vest. A long pedant works best for the flowing lines of your vest jacket. I added oxfords to this look for everyday comfort. You can try ballet flats or any other brogues. 

If you wish to know where these clothes are from check out the looks:
here: http://www.p…

Icelandic fashionable warmth

A few years ago I went to Iceland on a touring holiday. It is a fabulous awash of nature and blues and greens. Amongst the delights of every nature element you can think of from waterfalls to glaciers, there's the iconic fashions.
Iceland isn't warm at all. I went in summer and was still needing a coat and thick hat. The Icelandic people wear handknitted sweaters. All made from pure Icelandic wool. Since winter is so dark there, they entertain and keep warm knitting elaborate patterns. Much like the one I'm holding in the photo. 
You can buy your own from or if you're creative enough have a go at knitting your own.
Patterned sweaters are not everyone's style. Take a look at this designer who uses Icelandic wool more minimalist. Everywhere you go in Iceland you'll find people wearing the sweater look. It's typical style that's been passed down from the generations. T…