Going blonder- hair dye virgin

Before hair dye
I decided to have a go at dying my hair. I was a hair dye virgin. I was nervous initially yes.
After asking for hair dye recomendations from my facebook friends.... xxl live hair dye came up a lot.
I went with this product. It was not easy to use as first thought.

I wanted to take away my dirty blonde. Becoming a brighter more radiant blonde shade.
After a bit of issue mixing the ingredients, I did a test on front of my hair. Seemed to go ok.
Kit came like this.

Apprehensive I began dying my hair. Covering my hair with the squeezy bottle applicator.
The gloves make me feel like a doctor. Actually they were huge on me and felt tacky.

Overall it was going to plan. Thus far alright.
Left it on per instructions and the waiting.
This was where the nerves began to kick in.
Do I leave it longer, how long left? All those watch checkings. But I got through it.

After Hair dye

Finally I washed my hair over the bath.
I was definitely anxious of my hairs outcome.
Ended rather to my amaze so soft.
The conditioner with the product gave my hair a bounce and floaty feel.

So as you can tell my hair went from dirty blonde to a whiter clean blonde.

Thanks Schwarzkopf for you xxl Live hair dye.

It says professional quality on the box. I sure do agree. 
9/10 for the kit (what it comes with)
10/10 for final result. 

-Stephanie x


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