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DIY bead necklace. Cheap way to brighten an outfit.

DIY necklace/bracelet is inexpensive.  I actually made this wooden bead jewlery set a long time ago. Since I'm moving to new flat I've found it again.  It's a cute idea to jazz up an otherwise dull outfit.  Plus it's super simple to do. Even a young child can give this ago.
As you can see in the photo, I went for a rainbow look. You can any combo you wish. One colour, two or different shades for ombre effects.  How to make/what you need:Elastic thread (long enough to go round neck plus a few cm's for tying.)
Scissors  (For cutting elastic)  Beads  (any size and colour you wish)
To make it:

1-Arrange beads how you would like them to look on necklace/bracelet.

2- Measure round neck or wrist how long you'll need elastic. Then cut it few cm's extra. (about 3cm).

3- Thread the beads onto elastic. For repeated pattern start from middle. Thread center bead first. Then add a bead each side going up till all beads are added.

4- Tightly knot the end of the elastic. You ca…

Nature/pebble thrifty art.

You can do amazing interior art/projects with nature.
Pebbles on the beach for example can be used.
You can make pictures with them. Such as my heart I made.
Then photograph them to add on your wall. Really cheap way to decorate a room. Plus it makes a great day out. You do not even need a beach if you're far away. A garden, park or any nature spot can find things for art.

However, don't pick things like flowers as it's illegal in public spots to pick them.

Or you can paint pebbles or stones. These can be used for paper weights or garden rockery.

I decided to paint mine a nintendo character theme. You can be as inventive with this as you like. This project is great for all ages.
Plus it's cheap. Only cost is paint.

Please remember to add newspaper down to protect surfaces. Don't want paint getting everywhere.

If you want more pebble ideas check out the variety on pinterest website.

-Stephanie x

wait long enough old items become trendy again

Hey, reader.
I'm going to talk about the item of clothing I've owned the longest. It's a purple belted/wrap cardigan.
I've owned it since year 9 of school so, since I was 14. That means 10 whole years. I still fit it.
It's a comfy piece of clothing. One that is super bold. The tie detail is the same as a dressing gown but in a ribbed knit material.

Why am I telling you of this piece?

Well, this year it's become a fashion trend again. Autumn 2017 has got the belt wrap cardigan fashionable.

Let's take a look at how fashion designers used this style: All the designers bellow are from 2017 Autumn/Winter fashion shows.

Here are two ways I style this cardigan.
This outfit is formal.  It's a dark blue chiffon top with a long red pencil skirt.  I thought the darkness needed some colour to liven it up. Hence the vivid red.  I added a pendent necklace same shade of the skirt. Ties it all in I reckon. 
The clutch bag turns the otherwise casual cardigan into an eve…

ugly cardigan made into cute necklace

Don't  discard old clothes find a use first!! So, you know you don't always have to throw away old clothing. You can find another use or project to refresh its image. Give it a try for instance graphic shirts can make great art for your walls. You can cut certain parts out. Then glue on paper or stretch to canvas or just cut the entire deal out to figure something. You can even re-purpose some things into jewelry how bout that?
Its cool idea that I found online before giving up and donating my old stuff. These are just a couple neat ideas to upcycle clothing but there are plenty more.

Remember the old argyle cardigan from my previous post? Well I know it's still ugly. But I decided to give it one more chance and the result is beside throwing it away, making a necklace out of it.
Now to get started, you need some supplies beside just the old clothing article of your choice.


WHAT YOU NEED: -Clothing article -Ribbon -Glue/any usable adhesive -A pieces o…

Ordinary items turned extraordinary.

Upcycling is a great source of creativity. It's perfect for making your home unique. Plus you can save a huge amount of money not buying brand new home items.
Near where I work is this cafe where everything is something unexpected. (not really the food/drink but the decor).

First thing that caught my eye was this lampshade.
You look up and see a ceiling light that seems really average. Then on second glance, you see it's actually a binder/folder.

Old stationery/ office supplies can decorate interior spaces. It's turning something ordinary into something extraordinary.

This lampshade looks as if two binders/folders were used. Then welded or glued with strong supporting glue.

Imagine the lamps you could style with your own office supplies if you thought outside the box?

A simple idea here.
On the table of this cafe was a flower vase. One recycling a bottle. The quant shape of this bottle makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

This idea isn't very new. However, it shows re…

beach huts inspire outfits

This is our new series on the blog to find a picture and create outfits that inspire off it. You can find so much inspiration from different things in your life, even throughout your day.

(by Missy x )

left 1 I chose to go with a striped exposed shoulder top because why not? It's becoming summer now and also I wanted to go with a warmer look. Also styled evening wear which is relaxing but sexy all in one aha. I went for dark to match the surroundings of the hut but, keep the stripe effect. Total classy vibe going on.

left 2 This is strictly a transition outfit for three seasons if you think about it. I have some funky colour combos going on. I wanted it to be like the solid instead of striped huts you see in the photo. Now this is comfort and relaxed all in one. It is a sporty summer look anybody can simply wear throughout the day. You'd really stand out with these bright colours.

(by Stephanie x)

right 1 This look is based of the purple and blue striped hut. The sweater for coole…