wait long enough old items become trendy again

Hey, reader.
I'm going to talk about the item of clothing I've owned the longest. It's a purple belted/wrap cardigan.
I've owned it since year 9 of school so, since I was 14. That means 10 whole years. I still fit it.
It's a comfy piece of clothing. One that is super bold. The tie detail is the same as a dressing gown but in a ribbed knit material.

Why am I telling you of this piece?

Well, this year it's become a fashion trend again. Autumn 2017 has got the belt wrap cardigan fashionable.

Let's take a look at how fashion designers used this style:

All the designers bellow are from 2017 Autumn/Winter fashion shows.

Lalo Tbilisi
Les Copain

Ms. Biagiotti

Here are two ways I style this cardigan.

This outfit is formal. 
It's a dark blue chiffon top with a long red pencil skirt. 
I thought the darkness needed some colour to liven it up. Hence the vivid red.  I added a pendent necklace same shade of the skirt. Ties it all in I reckon. 

The clutch bag turns the otherwise casual cardigan into an evening look.
I forgot to add shoes. Oops. However, I would wear navy heels or smart flats if walking a lot. 
Purple and red isn't an obvious choice. It's a striking combo. One that should make you stand out.

If you're after a work look, change the clutch for a navy or red handbag. It's a sure winner when you want to be comfortable and still fit a dress code. 

A comfy casual look.
As I forgot in first look to add shoes I didn't in this one so images matched.

I paired my floral cotton trousers with a teal vest top.
This look is for warmer days. Ones that are too hot for a coat but too cool to flash lots of skin.
The floral trousers add a feminine feel. Plus are really comfortable.

For shoes any sandal or trainers/sneakers work. 
Blend the colour to what is either colour of cardigan or in pattern of trousers. This gives a coherent look that is fairly chic.  Plus the blue and purple are very calming together.
Overall an everyday look that's super comfy. 

-Stephanie x


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