Neat trick to save money shopping

Hey reader.
 I've found out that it's cheaper to buy clothes outside of season. It's a great trick to save mega bucks. You will have to search around a lot more and not worry about being bang on trend next season.

What buying outside of season means 'you purchase an item not typically worn in that season. Basically buying for future months ahead at discount price.'

You can get anything from shoes to jumpers this way. A large expense saved is footwear. Boots for example can be super expensive compared to other shoes. Around the start of Spring end of Winter is great for finding discounts on winter wear. You have to be dedicated for real bargain hunting. So, it's worth spending extra time checking each shop.

I'm often annoyed shopping you can't find swimwear in winter other than in sports shops. Yes, people go swimming in winter. Indoor pools are a thing. Things like this you have to watch out for. You've got to be weary you can't find everything you're after all the time.

Latest out of season purchase
One example of what I've found recently is this roll neck (also called turtle neck) sweater. You can't tell in the photo so well but it's beige with gold glittery ribbed thread running through it.
Finding this in Spring is sure a great delight.
It's thin but great for layering up. Read on to see how I actually layer it up.  For only £7, I was amazed by the find. Being from a trusty brand instantly reassured me in my purchase. H&M was the shop if you're wondering.
I wasn't even meant to be buying for myself. I was after clothes for my my mums birthday present. For a cheap price I couldn't resist.

Me in this sweater

It's great to have an item of clothing you can style many ways. I've put together some looks with this out of season purchase:

A bold outfit

I layered the turtleneck with denim jacket. The red skater skirt adds a bold pop of colour. Then having gold details on my shoes and earrings brings out the gold in the sweater.  If it's much cooler when I wear this I'd wear black tights.

Instant matchy matchy quality with this outfit.

A cozy outfit

This outfit I layered a faux fur vest with the sweater. It's a good look for cold days. I paired dark jeans and black ankle boots to make the look smarter. It can be a smart casual look. You can still feel cozy and be trendy, right?

This look layers jewlery too. A long strand type necklace is great to break up an otherwise plain torso. 

Fluffy clothes bring the cozy factor right up. Plus more people will want to hug you throughout the day. (least I find that wearing this vest). 

A playful outfit

Here I layered dungarees over the top. Dungarees make the look very casual. This look is great for when you're being active. I put the same boots as outfit before... but any flat closed shoes work like sneakers, plimsolls or converse. 

If you can see in the photo there's a gold hair clip. As the turtleneck has gold in it's good to pick that out in your accessories.  

This look is a sweet innocent look. Great for warmer weather and days you're being active. 

I now worry this post is long. So I'll leave you with my 3 top tips for shopping out of season:

  1. Buy for the future.  As you're not in season you'll wear it, look at what your wardrobe/closet lacks for months ahead. Then you don't buy something and get home to a closet with 3 very similar items like what you recently bought.
  2. Don't worry you find nothing in one shop. Not every shop you walk into has a gem you want. You've got to be persistent. Even research before when sales are on in advance. Watch out for clearance sales.
  3. Don't limit yourself to clothing. You can buy party decoration e.g. halloween after event is over for example. Any national holiday that's past gets a sale. 

Hope you have good luck out of season shopping.
- Stephanie x


  1. Such a great tip, I love the sweater the looks you've paired up! :D

  2. Thank you Opal. Hope it's helped you and inspired you shopping.

  3. this is my ulti fave outfits you made eva so far!!

    1. Thanks. Takes a while putting looks together. I enjoy this jumper because it goes with a lot.


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