Short dungarees craze

This trend of short dungarees is an 80's comeback. You couldn't watch tv back then without seeing people wearing this hardwearing clothing piece. 
The short dungarees are great spring/summer clothing. 
The super casual trend can be worked layered up with ease. Whatever your style is, be it vintage, sporty or grunge, you're bound to be able to add dungarees in your wardrobe.
In the 80's there was the long dungarees shortly followed by the more popular today 90's short dungarees. This piece of clothing also goes by Overalls in America. 

The photos above show how people today wear dungarees. Can you see how versatile they are?

Above are some 80's style of the dungarees. Sure in the 80's most people wore the long version. They became shorter in the 90s. The longer style has a super casual vibe. The first time dungarees became a 'fashion' item, rather than workmens clothing was in the late 60s early 70s.
In 2006, the Oxford English Dictionary added an entry that defined dungarees as “trousers with a bib held up by shoulder straps."

Celebs from Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Ashley Tisdale have all been seen rocking this trend. 

-Stephanie x


  1. this is such a cute trend im glad your continuing to post these grids of outfits on! thx

  2. Thank you so much for your post of this awesome look! i just simply cant get enough of this look :) Looking forward to your next post!


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