Make the most out of people you know (free clothes)

 Sometimes it pays to know more people to get clothes. Instead of always going to thrift shops or looking at sales you can get free clothes.

Here's how I got free red crop trousers:

My mum's boss brought some old clothes to work for people to take for free. These were his wife's. This lady has a clear out as she's a shopaholic. 
 So, my mum rummaged through them. She realized they were a majority of small sizes. I'm lucky enough to be that small. Childlike me hehe. 

What my mum picked out for me was a 3 items. A lace pink jacket, some straight cut jeans and the red trousers I'm wearing in the photo. 
(I'll talk about the other items in future posts so, stay tuned).

 Here is a photo of the trousers I paid zero for. They are comfortable. They are cargo pants but 3 quarter length.

Originally they came from a UK shop called 'Next'.
 That means they are not designer but, does that even matter?

The red shade is a dark pinky colour. Makes it not very easy to style. I haven't worn them in a long while. Partly because it has been cold up and till now for many months and partly because I've little to go with them.

Yes the pants/trousers are not typically my style, but I love the large pockets. Too many female clothes don't come with big enough pockets to store anything other than a tissue.

                                                                                                          Here is one outfit I put together:

I thought about this look for some time. As the red is of the pinky kind I put floral pink top with the trousers.

I first thought they were trousers fit for a skater look. However, I'm no skater. Therefore I rocked up this look.
A style that is ar more me.

The floaty cardigan is not a natural match for the trousers. I think it blends the top and sandals together harmoniously.

To make the red mach more I added a wooden necklace with some red beads in it. The outfit I put together is great for warm weather. The type UK is facing currently.

They were made for World War 2 armed forces. The large pockets were designed to store items like maps and first aid. 



1- Ask friends and family for any old clothes they do not wear anymore. Ask around even trade your clothes for someone else's.

2- Be grateful for the freebies. Even if it's not your typical style. 

3- You might have to re-work your style to fit the clothes to your wardrobe. You can get help with changing style or adding your free item to a look on pinterest. 

4- Look online at sites like Craigslist or Freecycle. They have people giving items away. All you have to do is go and collect it. 

Do not pass up an opportunity for free clothes. If you really can't stand the item you can donate it to a good cause e.g. a charity shop. Or wear it for days you want clothes you do not mind getting messy. Such as decorating or muddy hike. 

-Stephanie x


  1. yh you got to just be grateful bout what you get for free cuz there could also be different uses for it before deciding not to want it or hate it right away so this is great and your post really helps here!!

    1. Oh yes different uses. You sometimes have to be creative to make things work for your style.


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