beach huts inspire outfits

This is our new series on the blog to find a picture and create outfits that inspire off it. You can find so much inspiration from different things in your life, even throughout your day.

Beach Huts Inspo
outfits from hut inspo
(by Missy x )

left 1 I chose to go with a striped exposed shoulder top because why not? It's becoming summer now and also I wanted to go with a warmer look. Also styled evening wear which is relaxing but sexy all in one aha. I went for dark to match the surroundings of the hut but, keep the stripe effect. Total classy vibe going on.

left 2 This is strictly a transition outfit for three seasons if you think about it. I have some funky colour combos going on. I wanted it to be like the solid instead of striped huts you see in the photo. Now this is comfort and relaxed all in one. It is a sporty summer look anybody can simply wear throughout the day. You'd really stand out with these bright colours.

(by Stephanie x)

right 1 This look is based of the purple and blue striped hut. The sweater for cooler days is very bold. Matching the clutch to the sweater turns it from daytime to nighttime with ease. Then the boots and jeans are not inspired by the huts at all. They came from the colour in the path in front of the huts. Adding the teal necklace adds to the chic look the same shade as the huts top.

right 2 This casual look is sweet. It's inspired by the far right hut. The stripes in the shoes and headband matching pull the look together. The overall dress is summery but layered up can fit many seasons. I wanted a very casual everyday look. The bag adds a pop of different colour from the huts top. It's a look great for wearing on an active day. 

Stay tuned for next outfit inspo. We wanted to add some entertainment to the blog. Plus a great fashion game you can try too.

What outfit do like best?

-Missy and Stephanie x


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