New definition of walking in my shoes

Hey all,

I've found fabulous shoes in a charity shop. They're black creepers.

The old saying of 'don't judge me before you walk in my shoes' ...that really speaks true here.
Buying 2nd hand you're literally doing that. Walking in someone else's shoes.

Now these shoes took my attention not only for the low price of £4 but, the great look.
They're of the grunge style. I'm trying to break away from being girly.
I really look younger than my years. I aim to try to look my age. I look 16 or so but I'm really 24... forever needing ID.

With shoes you've got to check the quality inside and out. A bit of cleaning is required at times.

Here's a bit about the style of shoes:

World War 2 gave birth to desert boots with thick soles. The thick soled crepe boots were worn in North African deserts. The soles were excellent for sandy terrain. After the war ex-soldiers continued to wear these boots.  Shoe designers took inspiration and the 'brothel creepers' were born.
Then the teddy boys went and took the soles and took these shoes and styled them.

I find the black creepers go with more outfits than other colours. They even come with patterns on. Some look psychedelic.  I guess I'm negative when I say I dislike the pattern variety. On par with clown shoes. Sorry but I went there.

The platform is easy to walk in and giving me an extra bit of height. I've seen many people wear these as school shoes.
Basically a very versatile shoe.
Most schools in UK have a uniform. Black shoes are the staple look. A lot of creeper shoes are used to fit the dress code of school. If I found these while I was still in school I'd wear those.

Creepers are typical of grunge look too. 90s kid style that is. I'm warming to that look more and more. The fact I thrifted these shoes fitting the style, makes me enjoy the style more. Now I can't wait for more grunge finds to be located on my next thrift shopping spree.

-Stephanie x


  1. im still thinking bout how you got such a great deal omg i want those!!

    1. Big up the charity shop. It's amazing what people donate.


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