DIY bead necklace. Cheap way to brighten an outfit.

 DIY necklace/bracelet is inexpensive. 

I actually made this wooden bead jewlery set a long time ago.
Since I'm moving to new flat I've found it again. 
It's a cute idea to jazz up an otherwise dull outfit.  Plus it's super simple to do. Even a young child can give this ago.

As you can see in the photo, I went for a rainbow look. You can any combo you wish. One colour, two or different shades for ombre effects. 

How to make/what you need:

Elastic thread (long enough to go round neck plus a few cm's for tying.)
Scissors  (For cutting elastic) 
Beads  (any size and colour you wish)

Me wearing necklace. 
 To make it:

1-Arrange beads how you would like them to look on necklace/bracelet.

2- Measure round neck or wrist how long you'll need elastic. Then cut it few cm's extra. (about 3cm).

3- Thread the beads onto elastic. For repeated pattern start from middle. Thread center bead first. Then add a bead each side going up till all beads are added.

4- Tightly knot the end of the elastic. You can add a tiny blob of superglue on the knot, if you feel the knot isn't going to hold.

Depending on how fancy the beads you use, this jewlery shouldn't cost more than £3.  Since a roll of elastic is super long, you can get many projects out of it. 

In the title of this post you can tell this DIY is to brighten an outfit. It's great for plain dresses or t-shirts. I went for wooden beads to get a very bold piece. Plus it's super for going on vacation. If you are worried of silver/gold jewlery setting off metal detector.

Other good things of wood beads and elastic: 

  • Don't go bad in sunshine compared to other cheap jewelry. 
  • Harder to tangle compared to chains.
  • Lasts a long time. As hard wearing material.
  • Can be worn casual or dressy.
Here I put together an outfit that shows how the jewlery brightens this outfit.
I have worn this look many times. Versatile for many activities. From going out to restaurant to parties or office.

This otherwise black and white outfit has pop of red with the belt. Sure the belt brightens the look up, but the necklace makes the look explode with joy. 

I paired a black and white stripe bodycon dress with black shoes and cardigan. Classic combination. 

The red belt accentuates your curves. Plus matches colours in my jewelry. You can see how minimal decoration in the outfit makes the colours pop. 
This look is fairly minimal. So can be worn for casual or formal events in life. However, for really casual events you might prefer flatter shoes. 

-Stephanie x

p.s. hope this shows you how jewlery instantly brightens up plain outfits.


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