ugly cardigan made into cute necklace

Don't  discard old clothes find a use first!!

So, you know you don't always have to throw away old clothing. You can find another use or project to refresh its image. Give it a try for instance graphic shirts can make great art for your walls. You can cut certain parts out. Then glue on paper or stretch to canvas or just cut the entire deal out to figure something. You can even re-purpose some things into jewelry how bout that?
Its cool idea that I found online before giving up and donating my old stuff. These are just a couple neat ideas to upcycle clothing but there are plenty more.

my ugly argyle cardigan

Remember the old argyle cardigan from my previous post? Well I know it's still ugly. But I decided to give it one more chance and the result is beside throwing it away, making a necklace out of it.

Now to get started, you need some supplies beside just the old clothing article of your choice.


What you need

-Clothing article
-Glue/any usable adhesive
-A pieces of felt

0. Measure out the length or ribbon for your necklace whether it be short or long.

1.Cut strips from clothing article 2 inches wide and double circumference in your head.

2.Pull on the strips from both sides to have the fabric roll inward. That's why it's preferred to use cotton t-shirt fabrics otherwise you might have to iron the strips first.

3.Twist the strips before coiling to make flowers.

4.For the coiling, you will need to put glue or adhesive accordingly as you go so the flower shape can go and take form.

5.Figure how you want your coils to look on flat, laid out ribbon. After you get that placement go for cutting small circles of felt to attach to back of flowers. This means they won't unravel and they can stick more easily to the ribbon.

6.Attach the circles to the ribbon. Glue them to your ribbon.  Next you can wear the cute necklace.

(Necklace Idea From: Ideas For The Crafty)
By the way I scaled mine down since I didn't want big flowers but that up there calls for standard sizing. See how easy that project can be? Now I am proud of my find because I knew that there had to be some way to reuse it. It's like shabby chic plus I added my own flare to it. After all  making the flowers smaller is quaint. I like them so much this way!

This is my first trial for making a necklace and being a crafter in such a long time. So I'm pretty proud of how it turned out! Tell me what you think in the comments about this upcycle!! (also click image of necklace to see it bigger)

-Missy x


  1. These are adorable! They look like little rose buds.


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