Sturdy Moroccan Sandals

My Handmade Moroccan Sandals
Morocco (located in Northern Africa) is the melting pot of culture and ethnicity. With so many cultures and traditions coming together, it's amazing to see how
people there still use traditional trades when crafting their products. Being the breadbasket of the surrounding countries in Europe and Asia, it's neat to see everything from vintage to modern being crafted. Then sold to people all over the world.

The sandals at the left are sturdy, handmade, naturally tanned leather footwear that can be worn for most any occasion.

I received these wonderful sandals from my brother-in-law and for three years, the condition is impeccable and the wearing doesn't run out as fast as they fade. I ask for these all the time because I adore wearing these in the summer time. And let me tell you, they last! They are really strong and can withhold for any amount of given time, mine lasting for three summers at the most.
My Outfit Idea Layout With Sandals

My favourite part of these are the small details marked within the straps. They are simple yet can hold an ample amount of style. Sandals can differ with the design print which is a sweet touch.

These sandals can be worn from anything casual to formal. I have worn them simply for summer or as like the right, to church or out to coffee. Either way, the sandals hold a vintage, retro, and modern grade about them making them doable for any outfit pairing.

Overall, my liking of these sandals hold at a high rating. I like the durability and the plain but sweet decorative accessory it adds to any outfit. I would recommend to anyone needing a pair of sandals that these are the sandals for you! You can find similar, handmade Moroccan sandals on Etsy. Try rummaging through the shop of Moroccoco to find reasonably priced sandals like mine.

Enjoy! -Kaitlyn x


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