Keep Priorities First when thrift Shopping

Hey, I'm so happy to blog here. New blogger on here talking of thrift shopping. On with my post:

There is an art to thrift shopping. Its enjoyable when you are focused on a goal. For example, notice your surroundings and keep in mind the things desired for your next purchase. I always find it better to remind myself of everything I need so I don't never go overboard with my expenses. That's the thing about thrift shopping though is you have to keep your priorities first before you gather and start to hoard everything.

As you can see I went to my local thrift shop to just scope out a pair of new footwear, specifically a pair of flats in a solid neutral. That's because I note that I already got plenty of boots and different sized heels. What I did right there is think about what I needed most and what I already have in my wardrobe. 

<<<notice the variety of shoes at my thrift store.

You should make sure to dig around in bins and hidden areas around your thrift shop to find what you're looking for and need. Something you need can be hidden. You need to really have that mindful want first. So don't be afraid to gather your mindset and search around.

 Another thing is if you only think of what you want or need then you have no time purchase anything new until your wish list is bought first. It is important to consider what you want before you dive in too deep and cause yourself an awful expense.

You probably think that thrift shopping is time consuming and you can be right about that . That's why keeping your goals first makes it much easier to find. Also you may have to skip and find other resources to make the project or complete an outfit. 


I found one pair of shoes that were my size and all but, they were a little worn out. I could easily just clean them up or wait for a better find. I decided to just wait it out because I want mine to last for longer. That's what you have to do sometimes is weigh up your options. Although sometimes a bit of repairing is fine because of the low price you spent. You can't expect everything to be top quality. It's 2nd hand. Takes time for what you desire to appear in your local thrift/2nd hand store.

These are my tips on thrift shopping in a timely manner and I hope you like it!!

I'm still on my hunt for my prefered pair of flats. Keep reading to see when I find them.

-Missy x


  1. hope you like my 1st blog post ppl more to come!!


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